Novabank Cardplus Card Classic

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Novabank Cardplus Classic

  • You can earn Plus Points on all transactions at home and overseas using the Classic credit card.
  • You can withdraw cash, pay credit card bills, and transfer money from all Cardplus ATMs.
  • You can make purchases with instalments at Cardplus member-businesses.
  • You can connect a current account to your card or use it as a debit card.
  • You can make purchases at home or overseas free of instalments.
  • The contactless payment feature enables quick and easy transactions.
  • Purchases made upfront can be divided into instalments using the Cardplus mobile application.
  • You can spend your Plus Points at any Cardplus member-business or on hotel/flight payments (45 points and above can be tripled for hotels/flights).
  • If you pay your motor vehicle fees with your Cardplus card, the payment can be divided into two instalments without any commission.
  • The Cardplus SMS Plus service ( can be used to get new passwords, view statements and account limits outside of the Cardplus mobile application.
  • You can safely make online purchases with 3D Secure.
  • You can add more cards onto your account with set limits to be used by others.


Visit your nearest Novabank branch to obtain a Novabank Cardplus Classic card.

You can own a Classic card even if you are not a TRNC citizen. Provide us with blocked cash equivalent to your card limit and enjoy the benefits of Cardplus while also receiving interest!


Card Safety

  • Do not share your card information or password with anyone.
  • Allowing close friends or family to use your card is considered fraud. You can request add-on cards or make changes to your card limit instead.
  • Do not share your card number, expiration date or the three-digit code on the back of your card (CVV2) with anyone.
  • If your card is stuck in any ATM, you can contact your bank branch or call Cardplus Customer Services on 444 50 00.
  • If your card is lost, you can cancel your card on the Cardplus application or call Cardplus Customer Services on 444 50 00.
  • You can make a chargeback request if you detect any suspicious activity, unauthorized duplicate transactions or return transactions that have not been refunded, or if you experience issues with withdrawing or depositing money into ATMs.