Operation of Moneygram money transfer network continues as normal | Cyprus  Mail

Trust MoneyGram for safe delivery

MoneyGram is a global leader in money transfer services, working with trusted partners at 293,000 locations in 197 countries worldwide.

No matter where you are in the world, MoneyGram offers a way to securely send and receive money to and from your loved ones while ensuring that your transfer quickly reaches its destination.

Why MoneyGram?

It’s quick; your money will reach its destination in just 10 minutes.

• It's convenient; you’re never far from MoneyGram with 293,000 partners around the globe.

• Anyone can use it; you don’t need a bank account or credit card.

• It's easy; all you need to do is visit a MoneyGram partner and fill in a simple form.

• It's personal; you can include a 10-word message in your transfer, free of charge.

Sending money? Follow these 4 simple steps

  • Visit any NovaBank branch with your identification document.
  • Fill in a ‘sending’ form and deliver the money to transfer and the transfer cost to a MoneyGram agent. You can also add a 10-word message to your transfer if you wish.
  • You will receive a reference number.
  • Contact the receiver and inform them of the reference number. Your transfer will be ready to collect in just 10 minutes.

Receiving money? Follow these 3 simple steps

  • Ask the sender for their reference number.
  • Visit any NovaBank branch with your identification document and reference number.
  • Fill in a simple ‘receiving’ form and show your ID. You will then receive your money.