Member Businesses POS Terminals

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Point of Sale (POS) Terminal

Guarantee payments by using POS devices for your upfront or installment sales.

Join over 110,000 Cardplus credit cards and get exclusive deals by using the Novabank Cardplus POS.

Get access to Virtual and Mobile POS devices (if applicable).

Regular and Wireless (Mobile) POS Devices

  • Our POS devices operate with all home and overseas bank and credit cards with a Visa or Mastercard logo, as well as cards like American Express (Amex).
  • You can reduce the risk of having cash at your workplace.
  • You can increase your business’ transaction volume and revenue by offering installments and Plus Points with purchases.
  • You can make transactions safely and securely thanks to our automated card operations (including the processing of lost, stolen, cancelled or invalid cards).
  • Transactions are processed quickly, reducing any time lost in making payments.
  • Your monthly transactions are delivered to your e-mail automatically, allowing easy record-keeping.
  • Your Cardplus POS device allows magnetic, CHIP and contactless payments. (Payments via QR code are also available with Cardplus cards.)
  • You can provide your customer with information on balance, statements, and Plus Points from your POS device.
  • You can easily track your business’ cash flow when transactions are transferred into your account. Furthermore, you can use your POS-associated account to make transfers to cheque accounts and set-up automatic payments for credit card or utility bills.
  • Our regular POS devices operate via phone, electricity or ethernet cables.
  • Our wireless (mobile) POS devices operate independently of phone or electricity lines. The devices work anywhere with access to GPRS, allowing easy operation and use.

POS Help & Support

You can contact our branches or Cardplus Customer Services (444 50 00) regarding any faults with the device (batteries/adaptors/paper roll lid/SIM network).

The issue will be resolved within 48 hours of notice.

Using a Novabank POS

Member-businesses can work with us in three ways:

  1. Next-day payments/with commissions: Our commission rates can change depending on business revenue.
  2. Transactions with denomination/without commissions: Payments are deposited into your business’ account on a fixed date without any commission.
  3. Transactions with denomination/with commissions: Payments are deposited into your business’ account on a fixed date after commissions are withdrawn.

Documents needed to apply:

  • Company registration documents

Get in touch with our branches:

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