Career at Novabank

kariyerOur bank has clear guidelines on how our employees can advance their careers based on their current position at NovaBank. Our Job Promotion Criteria outline the steps and assessments our staff need to take to go from clerks to managerial roles and from assistant inspectors to chief inspectors.

NovaBank employees can advance in their jobs depending on the following criteria:

  • They have completed the minimum amount of time required at their current position to advance to a new role,
  • Their assessed performance is sufficient, and their records don’t show any reason to withhold advancement,
  • There is an open position in the role they will be promoted to,
  • They possess the knowledge and ability required by the role they will be promoted to,
  • They have been successful in any examinations necessary for the advancement.

Job Admission Process

The annual staffing plan determines admissions at NovaBank. Our admissions process is standardized to assign the right roles to suitable candidates and allow fairness in opportunities.

Given that a NovaBank employee will not fill the open position, the admissions process is as follows: the Human Resources applications database is analyzed, the open position is announced, CVs are assessed, preliminary interviews are followed by panel interviews. Aptitude tests, English language tests or job-specific exams may also be carried out depending on the position’s requirements.