Human Resources

A Carrer with NovaBank

Career Opportunities

NovaBank has the career plan for you, it allows initially for your past experience and level of education to start you off on the correct rung of the ladder providing the opportunities for your success. Employees progress from bank clerk to, middle and upper level management posts, Assistant Bank Inspector to Head Inspectors. The right career path is clearly laid out at NovaBank and in order to obtain promotion or change duties there are bank exams and defined criteria some of which are detailed below aid you in achieving your career goals.

  • Completing on job experience periods in order to qualify for promotion,
  • Achieving the necessary performance levels and having no restrictions effecting promotion,
  • Job availability,
  • Showing the ability and confidence to be promoted,
  • Achieving the necessary exam results to warrant promotion.

Recruitment Process

NovaBank recruit new employees based on an annual review of needs, finding the right person for the job and offering equal opportunity to all applicants.

The process of taking on new employees occurs when we are unable to promote from within and is as follows; Human Resources Department researches its current applications, advertises the available post, reviews submitted CVs, live interviews are conducted and those chosen go forward to the live panel interviews. According to the position we looking to fill general knowledge and ability, English Language or Profession related exams maybe conducted.