Human Resources

What has NovaBank got to offer?

Target Management and Performance Evaluation

NovaBank operates a performans evaluation system based on individual targets geared at developing business and meeting the banks overall target policies. Indıvıdual goals and success levels are evaluated twice a year with continues communication between employee and manager to support and encourage success and development that will help employees achieve goals and attain promotion in their carrers with Nova Bank.

Training and Development Opportunities

NovaBank provides employees training and development opportunities to further their technical and personal skills, allowing them to become more confident and competent individuals in order to carry out their duties in a professional manner

Our Internal and External Education System include such subjects as Company Orientation, On Job Orientation, Profession Training, Personal Development Training and Management Skills Training. We utilize both our own personel and professionals form outside to provide training for all out employees. 


NovaBanks renumeration system is based on the employees position held within the organisation, education, experience, cost of living and market rates. Each year these factors together with each employees overall performance are taken into consideration and renumerations are adjusted are effected.  

In addition to this our bank recognizes and financially renumerates those individuals whom achieve academic success in foreign language, bankdealer, capital markets expert ve certified accountant.