Human Resources

If You Wish to Apply


NovaBank General Requirements of Employment

  • Reach the age of 18,
  • Possess TRNC citizenship or if you are a foreign national possess the right to reside and work in the TRNC,
  • Not be banned or prohibitted by any Governmental office,
  • Male applicants should have completed thier miltary service or possess the necessary deferred documents,
  • No Criminal Record outside of traffic fines.
  • No legal convictions,
  • Good and clean health report,
  • No obligaitons to public or private institutions,
  • No Cheque ban,

Apart from the above mentioned general requirements, candidates may be asked to produce documentation to substantiate claims detailed in their job application or CVs .


  • You may send you CV to the following email address
  • You may also faxs you CV to us on 0 392 673 11 39.
  • You may apply in person at our 176 Şehit Mustafa Ahmet Ruso Cad. Nicosia TRNC Mersin 10 Turkey address or send us your CV through the postal mail.