Digital Security

Avoid Storing Your Personal Information and PINs on Your Computer/Mobile Phone

​​Your ID certificate is a highly important document. Therefore, do not store scanned copy of your ID certificate on your computer. Make sure you regularly follow up use and security information about the product you use. Avoid keeping your debit card PIN and internet banking PIN on your card, in your wallet or in your bag or saving it on your mobile phone.​


Avoid Sharing Your Information

​Interactive Banking PIN, ID Number, Bankamatik and credit card details, card PIN, mobile approval code sent by SMS and one-time passwords are your personal information. For security purposes, you must avoid sharing such information with third parties including our Bank’s personnel.​


Make Sure Your Computer is Secure

​Make sure you use licensed operating system and programs, and regularly update your operating system and software. 

Make sure you use security shields such as anti-virus, anti-spyware and personal firewall. 

Avoid doing banking transactions on shared computers like in internet cafe, etc.​


Avoid Replying E-mails/Calls Asking your Personal Information

​Banks do not ask for your personal information or PINs via e-mails. If your passwords are asked orally, in writing or via IVR, never provide information in such cases and call our Telephone Branch at 0392 444 NOVA(6682).​

Do not agree to take help from people who give you their phone numbers to help you.


Make Sure Your PIN’s Security Level is High

​Do not choose your PIN which includes such as special days and dates, phone numbers, birthday or foundation year of your favorite team which are easy to figure out.​


Enter by Writing Address Bar

​​To use our website, simply enter on address bar of your browser, instead of clicking on any link. Our Internet Branch uses “https” protocol and also “EV SSL (Green Address Bar).​

Avoid Using Wireless Networks Whose Security is Unknown

​Wireless methods such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Infrared may lead to the risk of unauthorized access to mobile phones. Therefore, avoid using wireless networks whose security is unknown to you.​

Avoid accepting files transferred through Bluetooth, the source and security of which is unknown to you; keep such applications off when you do not need. 


Protect Your Mobile Phone via applications such as Security Code, Key Lock as well as Current Anti-Virus Software.

​Malicious software can steal information on your cell phone, search something without user’s knowledge or send SMS. For protection from such software;

Download mobile apps from secure app stores

 Do not open e-mails and attachments received from persons you do not know

Support protection by using anti-virus software


Make Sure you Contact our Bank if your Card is Stolen or Lost

​​If your card is stolen, lost or stuck in an Bankamatik, with your phone or another secure phone, call our Telephone Branch at   0392 444 NOVA(6682) when you are still at Bankamatik, and request to deactivate your card. Do not use phones of people you do not know.​​


Credit Card Security


Make Sure Your Card PIN’s Security Level is High

​​Make sure your card PIN does not include numbers like date of birth, phone number etc. which is easy to guess. If your current PIN is easy to guess, we recommend you to change your PIN from the nearest Bankamatik.​


Avoid Sharing Your Credit Card PIN and Information

​Do not give your card number, expiration date and security code to third parties other than merchants where you will make shopping. 

 Do not disclose your credit card information to anybody including İşbank’s personnel and do not write it to anywhere. Our Bank will never ask you to give your PIN.​

 Make Sure Your Credit Card is with you

​​Never let others to use your credit card. Check whether you have taken your credit card back before you leave the merchant where you shopped.

Do not leave your credit card unattended where others can read the information on the card.

 Make sure your credit card is with you by frequently checking your wallet or bag where you keep your credit card.


Keep the Important Documents Including Your Credit Card Information Securely

​Keep sales slips relating to your expenditure until you see the relevant expenditure on your account statement. After you check your account statement, you can destroy the copies of sales slips.​

Make sure you securely keep the documents such as account statement, sales slip which includes information about your credit card.


Do not Reenter Your PIN If Your Card Gets Stuck in a Bankamatik

​If your card gets stuck in a Bankamatik, do not re-enter your PIN. Apply to our nearest branch or call our Telephone Branch at 0392 444 NOVA(6682) to inform and deactivate your card if necessary. 


Do not agree to get help from strangers when doing transactions on Bankamatiks. If you face any problem, call our Telephone Branch at 0392 444 NOVA(6682).


If You Notice that Your Card is Stolen or Lost, Promptly Call Our Telephone Branch at 0392 444 NOVA(6682). 


​​Once you notice that your card is stolen or lost, promptly call our Telephone Branch at 0392 444 NOVA(6682) to deactivate your card. Thus, you can prevent people who have your card to use the card. Then apply to police department to create the theft report.​